Monday, January 22, 2007

Lindsey Ann Morgan Pitcher's 1st Birthday Party

Happy 1st Birthday Lindsey Ann Morgan Pitcher!
Actual Birth Day - January 22 - Monday
Birthday Party Day - January 20 - Saturday
Place: We had Lindsey's 1st Birthday Party at Grandma and Grandpa Snellings.
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Food: Pulled barbecue pork, potato salad, barbecue and sour cream and onion chips, bread and butter pickles, cake and ice cream.
People: 24 - Grandma and Grandpa Snelling, Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher, Uncle Bradley, Aunt Lisa, Cousin Anna, Uncle Brian, Aunt Janella, Cousin Jacob, Cousin Jenna, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Belinda, Cousin Lizzi, Cousin Noah, Shane, Tamra, Bryson, Jillian, Jennifer, Kaitlyn, and of course - Mommy, Daddy, & Lindsey the Birthday Girl.

Take notice of Lindsey enjoying sitting in her high chair in front of the cake and sticking her finger in it and getting iceing on her finger. But... I wasn't ready for herto play in her cake - it was just picture time. Then we ate and then it was gift and cake time. But... Now Lindsey was tired and not so ready for her high chair, thus the horrible crying. She calmed down and enjoyed opening her gifts. Her last that she opened was a baby doll from Mommy & Daddy. She loves baby dolls and I knew this so that's why I waited till the last one. It was time for her to cut or dig into her cake so I took the doll away and she was completely distraught over the whole situation and wouldn't have anything to do with her cake. I gave her the doll back and took her out of the high chair. I was disappointed, but she was perfectly happy.
Overall a great success and a lot of fun. Lots of memories were made! Now I no longer have a baby - just a toddler that gets into everything! Heading straight for the terrible 2's :)

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