Sunday, October 7, 2007

My prayers have been heard - temperature drop!

My prayers have been heard!
Starting Tuesday it's going to get cooler!
And after Wednesday above 70 isn't even in the forecast.

Go start pulling out those sweaters - just maybe, we will able to wear them before next spring - haha!

10-Day Forecast for Cincinnati, OH

Sun Oct 07 Sunny 94°/60°
Mon Oct 08 Mostly Sunny 94°/59°
Tue Oct 09 AM Showers 78°/44°
Wed Oct 10 Partly Cloudy 65°/39°
Thu Oct 11 Partly Cloudy 65°/37°
Fri Oct 12 Partly Cloudy 65°/39°
Sat Oct 13 Partly Cloudy 70°/42°
Sun Oct 14 Sunny 70°/44°
Mon Oct 15 Partly Cloudy 70°/44°
Tue Oct 16 Partly Cloudy 69°/44°

It looks like we may get to go camping after all - since my stipulation was that it had to get cooler.

One of the comments made on my previous post made made me laugh and I agree with them. I'm complaining about not having cool weather now and then I'll probably turn right around and complain about it being too cool, but I guess that's how it goes! Gotta love those season changes! :)

Have a great Sunday! Our church is actually having an outside baptismal service, Sunday afternoon and as you already know, there won't be any problems with the weather since it's supposed to be in the mid 90's.


The Going Blog said...

It's the days low number to be watching out for. There aren't many things more miserable than being cold in the night hrs. with the fire out until morning. I hope you get to go. It is lots of fun and tons of work.

Martha C said...

I am with you on the cooling off part. Normally I do not mind colder weather until I moved to this state! There is no sense in freezing when you do not get snow. Cold just isn't worth it when there is nothing to show for it.

The Millard Family said...

Leanna, I finally found you. What a beautiful blog. Now I can keep in touch. I have been loving the cooler weather. Have a good time camping. Don't think I'll ever talk my husband into it. Check our blog to see what new thing he is getting into! later...