Friday, November 30, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY -3 - 3 days in a row!!

Happy 64th Birthday to the World's Greatest Mother! Her birthday was yesterday - November 29. All 12 of us went out to eat Thursday evening to Bravo's and had a great time together. Mom received a really nice watch from Dad and some other gifts as well. Nothing like family time, which was very enjoyable. Happy Birthday - MOM!

And a great big Happy Birthday to a great niece who is turning 9 today, November 30. ANNA MARIE! I hope you have a great day! We are going to her Birthday Party this evening at their house. Wow, how time flies. It seems like yesterday that she was that 3lb. baby in the NICU. Spunky little thing survived her way through all that and is now a beautiful little girl who is growing up. One year away from those double digit - pre-teen years :) Lookout Mom and Dad! Happy Birthday - ANNA!

And... another great big Happy Birthday to one of the world's greatest sister-in-law's, Belinda, who is turning 26 tomorrow, December 1. I hope you have a great birthday and I wish that I could see you more often - nothing like our late night chatting sessions after the kids are tucked away in bed:) Love Ya! Happy Birthday - Belinda!

And..... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY for all those other family members through out this past year that I have sadly not mentioned on this blog of mine. Not a good remember-er of doing those types of things. Love all of you and hope you all have another wonderful year ahead of you!

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