Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Recent Happenings

Here are some updated events, happenings, and pictures that have taken place since Easter.

I watched Jackson C. a couple of days, which Lindsey thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure Lindsey out on the 2nd day I watched him because everything I did to take care of him made her become very distraught. She just wanted him to be able to play all day - no eating, no napping - ha! I thought she just didn't understand, but... come to find out she had an ear infection, which made her act very out of character and I took her to the doctor the very next day.

Jacob, finally had his 9th birthday party - many days late. He opted to wait for his brother to be there, which ended up being a long wait - from March 8 to March 29. We went to his birthday party and had a fun time. He got quite rich that day :)

I tried to get a quick picture of Lindsey at home after church this past Sunday. She really wasn't in the mood to cooperate, thus the quite funny faces and poses :)

On Monday (yesterday), Lindsey had her 1st Dentist appointment. I think they normally don't schedule first appointments till a little bit older, but there were some concerns I had and so we took her sooner -rather than later. I chose my old pediatric dentist to take her to. They have moved offices since I last saw him over 10 years ago and it is a state of the art facility. I was very impressed. Dr. Rubin was very happy to see me and my daughter. Unusual, but nice, Jonathan was able to take us, so he got to be there as well. Today was just a lap exam, which is where I hold her and she leans back into the doctors lap on a pillow. I wasn't quite sure how she would do, but she blew every expectation I could have had right out of the water. She was angelic, 100% perfect. She made me extremely proud of her. (sorry, but I have to brag :) She let the doctor probe around, feel around, use the little mirror and yes,.... the pricky little tool. And, just as I had strongly suspected there were 4 cavities. 1 in each of her 4 molars. Not exactly sure of the reason, but none the less, there. It is much better to get them taken care of now, so she goes on May 14 for the procedure. She will have a Conscious Sedation and it will take about an hour. My poor baby :( She also chipped her two front teeth back in December and we aren't sure how, but I wanted the doctor to look at them as well. He said to leave it be, so unfortunately we are stuck with ragged teeth for a few more years :( They would only do repairs if it was effecting a nerve or possible decay, which was not the case.

Since Jonathan was able to come home from work for about 4 hours to take us to the doctor we took advantage of the time and enjoyed being together on this beautiful spring day. We went to lunch and then we took Lindsey to the pet store to see the doggies, bunnies, birds, fish, etc. They got out two of the dogs for her to pet, which she just loved, but more at a distance :) Then we grabbed some ice cream before heading back home and having to tell Daddy good bye, so he could go back to work. Lindsey and I stayed outside for a much longer time. I ended up putting her in some pj/play clothes and let her get muddy and play on her swing set, which she absolutely loved. The day was just perfect and what I would consider the first really nice spring day of the year! YEAH!!

Also, as of today, I am 29 weeks pg - 11 more to go. The picture I am posting was just taken yesterday, but don't let it fool you, I am actually much bigger then what I think the picture shows - ha! Everyday things are starting to get a little (a lot) harder to do and especially sleeping. I know, the next 11 will be the longest of all 40. The worst is yet to come :) I very well remember from Lindsey, but there is a precious miracle at the end of the tunnel and I am soooo excited.

Sorry, I know I've been wordy. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Click on the picture below for more pictures.

Mar/Apr 2008


Constance said...

You are looking cute. I loved the pic of her on the slide with her feet in the air. See you at IHC.

sankey family said...

I loved reading your update - photos are great!
Love you guys! ~ Melodie

Julie Waggoner said...

Are you sure these are recent happenings???? hehe It was nice to see you at IHC(even though I didn't get to chat!)
Julie W

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