Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing blog catch up and picture overload - - -

Wow, I have been a bad blog poster lately. Time is way to consumed with taking care of the two girls and reading all of your blogs :) I have hardly posted any pics since Aubrey has been born except for the studio pics. To make up for all of that I am sharing with you a little over 200 pics from the past 2 1/2 months. If you like pics - enjoy, otherwise you can make your exit quietly :) Aubrey has grown by leaps and bounds and has officially doubled her weight and is now around 13 lbs. She is still an excellent baby and I am learning her personality, wants, needs, and we are getting along just great. When Lindsey got sick for that horrible 10 days, that was the breaking point for her doting all over her and wanting to kiss Aubrey. She still loves, touches, and kisses her, but not in such an overwhelming way. She knew she wasn't allowed to when she was sick and ever since it has just been a lot better. Thank goodness :) Now I am having to deal with her wanting to "pick her up" literally and hold her, but that doesn't happen a lot. I will put comments on some of the pictures, but they are in the order of oldest to newest. Enjoy!

Below is a small slide show of the pics, but if you double click on the pictures below, it will take you to the Picasa Web Album website and you can look at the pictures in a bigger size.
Picasa has changed their website around and I'm not sure how to link to the pictures like I used too. If anyone out there knows how to still do it the way that I used to, please let me know.


Michele said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us, I really enjoy looking at them. I can't believe how much Aubrey has changed already. She is so cute, and so is Lindsey! You're a great mom!

Constance said...

I enjoyed all of them. She is getting so big and so cute. I love her dresses and blankets, they are so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

Batchelor said...

Leanna~ Your girls are precious! I wish I was as good as you as getting the photo's taken. Enjoyed them.