Monday, September 29, 2008

September Happenings & Update

Can you tell my life is busier? :) lol :) I hardly ever post, but since I know everyone prefers the pictures, here's quite a few for you to enjoy!

For a small update in my life as a mother of 2 - I am loving it! Yes, I am busy constantly, but it's completely worth it.
Aubrey is over 14 lbs now at 3 1/2 months and is completely out of 0-3 clothes and the 3-6 month is none too big. She belly laughed out loud for the first time on Sep 16th, two weeks ago at Lindsey. It was so cute. She loves to stand on her two legs just like Lindsey did at this age. She is holding onto small toys and chewing on whatever she can get a hold of. She is nosey and if your holding her you better not lean her back in any way or she will let you know - immediately. Sit her up straight and she's as happy as a lark. She is lovin' life and we are lovin' her. She is a ball of cuddly love and has stolen all of our hearts.
Lindsey is "finally" well on her way to being potty trained at 2 yrs 8 months. We are still working on one major half of it (if you know what I mean) but, I am very pleased with the progress WE are making, because it definitely takes a lot of effort on my part as well. She is a great sister to Aubrey and dotes on her and loves her very much. She is talking a lot more and is increasing practically daily. This includes, "I don't want to", so now we have to start shaping and molding the vocabulary, if you know what I mean :)

In my last posting I was a bit frustrated with the changes in the Picasa online program, but it seems the glitches have been fixed and I can now just post the album picture link instead of having to do an actual slide show on my blog. So, back to the old ritual of - Click on the actual picture listed below and it will link you to the Picasa Album for more pictures. I am posting three separate albums below. Enjoy and have a great fall!

Random pics from Sep 2008

Church Fall Picnic - 9/27/08

Bro. & Sis. Thompson's 40th year of service celebration at Bethel Holiness - Columbus, IN

p.s. Shout out to all of you bloggers, I just joined up with the Blogger "Following" and it is really neat to be able to see who is following your blog. So, the more of you that join the more fun and interesting it will be. Research it and take a look. I think it will just add more fun to this whole blogging thing in addition to already using Google Reader, which I am a very big fan of.


Constance said...

I enjoyed all of the pictures and the update. Your kids are getting so big and very cute.

Karen Walden said...

I enjoyed strolling through your Sept happenings but wasn't able to view the ones from Columbus.

I joined to follow your blog. Now I need to figure out how to do it! :)

Aunt Ruthie said...

Enjoyed the pictures.

Love you,

Leanna Pitcher said...

I think I have now fixed the problem with the 3rd album from the Columbus celebration. Sorry about that.

Your Penn Palz: said...

SURPRISE! i'm actually taking a brief second to comment and not ONLY reading the blogs today! ;-)
(i also replied to your comment on my blog, as well!) loved loved loved the pix! don't you just adore being a 'mama'? they just grow up wayyyy too fast, huh? you be sure to keep those pix coming, K? (i'm gonna see if i can figure out the 'following' thing... UGH! i'm not too smart with this silly stuff, that's for sure! LOL)
have an awesome week...

Karen Walden said...

I was able to view the pictures from Columbus and was surprised to see your little video clip of Bro Moore's song! Wasn't he funny?

Regina said...

Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your girls. They are adorable!