Friday, December 12, 2008

November 2008 Kodak Moments

Here are some pics taken last month up until Thanksgiving which are still to come.  I will try and put some details on the pics, but this is mostly a wordless posting in regards to the pics.  There is too much for me to do between now and Friday evening when we plan to leave for Indiana to be with Jonathan's family.

I have not mentioned it here on my blog yet, but please pray for my niece, Lizzi, who has been in the hospital since Dec 3.  This is Jonathan's sister's little girl.  She has CF, cystic fibrosis, and for the most part has been pretty healthy, with only a few bouts of major illness that has put in her the hospital.  Since coming home from the hospital at birth this is only her 3rd time being admitted and she is almost 4 1/2.  She is an amazing, beautiful, lovable girl.  They were hoping for a quick in and out admittance to get the pic line in and then send her home to continue the treatment.  She has been sick for about 12 weeks and couldn't get rid of the infection with prescription antibiotics.  But, she just recently came down with a mild case of pneumonia and it is not getting any better.  They may even end up having to do a special procedure on Friday to help clear her lungs.  I know it is becoming quite tiresome on Belinda, her Mom, and they have been in the hospital for 10 days now.  When you remember, please pray for Lizzi and the rest of her family.

Click on the pic below for more pics.
November 2008


Mindy said...

Your kids are so cute! I miss seeing you guys when you are up this way. We've moved further north and attend a different church. I check your blog for new updates. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Becky said...

Found your blog and I will add you to my list so I can keep up. It was good seeing you and your family at the hospital earlier today. Your children are so cute.