Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday ~ Jonathan!

THE BIG "30".
Happy 30th Birthday to my Sweetheart Jonathan!
January 28th!

My how time flies. It seems like yesterday that I planned his big surprise 21st Birthday Party and now look, it's already another big milestone. Just for a little while will we be in different decades and then I will join him in a few months.

Dearest Jonathan, Your a great husband and I love sharing life with you. Thanks for all the help you give me and for supporting our family. You're also an awesome Daddy to our children and thanks for taking special time out just for the girls. I love you! Wishing you MANY more Happy Birthdays! Love You Always, Leanna


Mindy said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Jonathan! You have now joined the 30s club:)

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to you Jonathan! That makes you mom and dad real old. I would know cause Heather will turn 31 this summer. lol

Janiece said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! He looks good for such and old man, HA!

Lisa said...

A Happy Birthday to your hubby...30 isn't too bad...I'd love to be 30 again myself. :)