Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday - Lindsey Ann Morgan Pitcher !!

January 22, 2006
12:32 p.m. - Sunday afternoon
7 lbs 8 oz
Dearest Lindsey,

Happy 3rd Birthday to my first born, Lindsey Ann Morgan Pitcher! We LOVE You Sooo Much! Life would never be the same without you and we could have never asked God for a better miracle than YOU! You are the perfect fit for Mommy and Daddy! We didn't know if our home would ever be blessed with the pitter patter of little feet and God saw fit to give us you and we are so very thankful!

Yes, you may give me trial some days with your strong will, but with God's help and our prayers I pray that it will help guide you through life and be used to your benefit to stay strong during the rough times that life throws your way. I pray that you grow up to be a sweet, christian, young lady and love God with all your heart!

You are such a thoughtful little girl and always concerned about the other persons problems. It doesn't matter if it is a little cut or a concern you have heard us voice, you catch it all and come to our rescue to make sure we are ok. And... you remember to check up on the illness the next day or the next day you see the person in question of illness. You are very loving and very quick to give us big hugs and kisses and in great abundance (smackers & bear hugs :)!!

Your were definitely not a big talker at two but I think you are making up for lost time in the last couple of months and now we definitely know your thoughts on pretty much everything and are making up for lost time! I love to hear you talk and you now try to stall bedtime by saying, "One minute" and then you proceed to have a conversation about whatever comes to your mind.

You love your My Little Pony's, Horses (in general), Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, Princesses, & baby dolls. All things girlie!

You are becoming opinionated (verbally) and I was wondering when that would happen. As you say, "I want my hair long"! :) You want to make sure your hair is down and not up and you tell Mommy that it is pretty.

You are a Great Big Sister! (In a Very OVERWHELMING way - and Mommy doesn't think she can handle it one more second at times and then of course Daddy will come home to the rescue or Mamaw will come for a visit and Aubrey lives for another day :) Yes, you love Aubrey dearly, but you are still learning the entire definition of Gentle and "No"!

I read you books and you tell me things that I myself don't even quite have figured out, i.e. when it comes to which house Gingerbread Snap lives in :) You quite amaze me with what you know. I was counting the other night and I stopped at 9 because that's all there was to count and you continued on to say "ten". I about croaked because we certainly hadn't gotten that far in our counting skills or so I thought :).

You love the word "match" and you love to match your sister whether it is in dress or in what you are holding or playing with. Just tonight you picked out your own design of pj's. You decided to keep your long sleeved white undershirt on and you topped it off with a short sleeve flowery shirt and you came to me asking for matching "white" pants, which by the way don't even exist, so we decided on pink and thankfully that was fine. No you don't know ALL your colors but your getting a pretty good handle on quite a few of them.

You are learning to pray and to also come up with your own prayers, which include asking "Mommy no spank me, Daddy no spank me, Amen". When you did this I about cracked up. I then instructed you to ask Jesus to help you be a good girl and obey Mommy and Daddy and then your prayers would be answered

I wish you the best year ahead as you race into your 4th year. Happy 3rd Birthday to a Big Girl that we Love So Much!


Mommy & Daddy


The Going Blog said...

Great run down of Miss Lindsey! Happy Birthday little girl!!!

Nancy said...

Just stoppin' by to wish Lindsay a very happy 3rd birthday! It's clear that she is a "much-loved" little girl! Hope you all ahve a fun day!

Tim and Kristina said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Karen Walden said...

What a sweet letter you wrote to Lindsey! Hope she has a great 3rd Birthday!!! It's hard to believe our kids are already 3 years old!