Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, it's still Valentine's Day for me, but it does happen to be after midnight so technically the 15th. Belated or not, here's my Valentines posting!
Jonathan, here's a Big ~ I LOVE YOU!
Happy Valentines Day! You're the greatest!
From Lindsey:
Daddy, Happy Valentines Day ~ I love you bunches - x0x0!!
You're the best Daddy ever and I love when we get to play together!
And to the rest of our family ~
Parents ~ Grandparents ~ Aunts & Uncles ~ Cousins ~ Nieces & Nephews!
We Love All of You! Happy Valentines Day!
Life just wouldn't be the same without family, which I am so greatfully thankful for!

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