Friday, February 1, 2008

Sick Days

Well, I havn't posted abou it, but this has definitely been a sick house. Here's the details, if you feel like reading them and if not, well that's all we have been up too.

I got sick over 2 weeks ago. On Friday 2 weeks ago I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with severe Strep Throat. So, I was prescribed an antibiotic that I could take while PG. Wow, medicine does wonders and started helping immediately. Then on Wednesday of the next week, which was last week,- Lindsey came down with a verrrry bad runny nose. I hoped that is all it would be, but that was not the case. I guess she turned 2 and said "Now I'll be sick". On Friday night a week ago she started a cough. Last Saturday was her birthday party and she did surprisingly well and she did great. Sunday was BAD and she was very lethargic. Monday was decent till the evening and then her cough started getting WAY worse. Off to the doctor we went on Tuesday. She was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and a right ear infection. Then...I have been very sick all week with probably the same cold Lindsey has and have been absolutely "miserable". Even though Lindsey is still coughing some and still has a runny nose, I honestly think she is feeling better than me. Hopefully we will both get better - real soon.

There's the summary of the "sick house".


Michele said...

I was sick most of December and it stinks! I am praying that you both are better real soon!

Myranda said...

We had been sick for several weeks, too. We are better now, but I thought it would never end! Here's to hoping your are 100% better soon!

Kelly S said...

So sorry you're sick! Hope you're feeling better soon.