Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lindsey's 2 year Portrait Pictures

I try to be very faithful in the dates when pictures are taken. Thus, her 2 year picture was taken on her actual 2 year birthday, which was last Tuesday 1-22-08. I finally received the link to download the pictures and I can now share them with you. She did an incredible job and was very cooperative. This made the choosing verrry hard.
My little doll baby has grown up - Where did the baby go? Already a big 2 years old.

To view the entire photo shoot / album - click on the picture below.
The first 13 pictures are the enhanced pics and are duplicates of the ones below them.
The remaining 28 are the original basic pictures.
p.s. - We didn't actually go planning on a family pic, but I thought it would be neat to at least capture the moment. To me, there is nothing like pictures. Love them!
1/22/08 Lindsey's 2 yr JCP pics


Tamra said...

They all turned out so well! LOVE her polka dot dress!

Karen Walden said...

Very cute! She always does great with her pics!
I wonder if you will be able to keep up with the pictures as well with a second baby!? (I bet you will!!!)

Julie said...

Lindsey did a great job! I can see why it was so hard to choose - all of them are good. I'm sure you're excited about finding our what you're having. I always loved ultrasound day!

Melanie C. said...

What good pictures! It is always a blessing when they do good, but then makes it even tougher to choose! Love the outfit, hair, tights, and shoes. Someone got this for me in a 3 month dress. I can't wait to dress a girl!
Only 6 days to go....

Lisa said...

Hi Leanna! Great pics-so cute. What an outstanding little dress.
You dress her so nice!


Aunt Ruthie said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey. I hope you have had a fun time celebrating. Love you,