Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday ~ Dear Hubby!

Wow, I am verrry belated in my wishes - sorry, honey! Jonathan's birthday was 2 days ago on Monday 1/28. I hope you have a great last year in your 20's decade before the BIG 30 - haha! Thank you so much for being a great providing husband and father. Lindsey and I appreciate the opportunity of having been able to stay at home for 2 years now. I can't imagine having to leave my "baby". Although, I would and will if I ever have too. I love to spend time with you and don't like it when it's not an option with you unfortunate long hours. I look forward to the weekends when the hours with you are longer. You're the greatest and I could never live without you. I love you sweetheart, I truly do! I hope you have a great year and many more to come. Happy 29th Birthday! Lindsey also wants to say, she loves you bunches and thinks you're an extra special Daddy - a.k.a. dada. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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Karen Walden said...

Happy Belate birthday from the Walden's!!!