Tuesday, January 22, 2008

!! Happy 2nd Birthday Lindsey !!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful "Miracle" ~ Lindsey Ann Morgan Pitcher!

Mommy and Daddy Love You Very Much! And we could never imagine life without you. You are now a BIG "2 YEARS OLD". What a change two years has made in us and in you! I look forward to many, many more birthdays with you! You are sweet, precious, smart, cute, ornery, a "piece of work", a big "mess", loving, caring! You are everything and more that we could have ever asked for in our baby girl! I hope you have a "GREAT" 2nd Birthday!

In this 1st picture she is 0 days old - just born a few hours before! 1-22-06

This was her 1st Birthday party!

Now almost 2 years old in this picture.

I have made a trip down memory lane and came up with a heap of pictures over the last 2 years. I have placed them in the order of date from youngest to oldest. (Enjoy, if you look at them - there's a bunch!) Click on the picture below to view the album - down memory lane.


Karen Walden said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!! I can't believe our kids are two already... Can you?!?!

The Going Blog said...

Wow! you don't realize how big they look until looking back at the pics. You have captured some really unique moments. She's a doll. Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Tamra said...

Cute photos. Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Susan said...

I just finally got registered so I can leave comments.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Lindsey!!


sankey family said...

She's beautiful!
Happy Birthday, Lindsey!


Martha C said...

Awwww. . .Such a cutie! I really enjoyed seeing the photos.

David and Sarah Fry said...

I din't even know you were pregnant again until I came to check up on your blog (tells you how faithful I am to blog reading). Congratulations! Your wipes story has inspired me to stay posted to moneysavingmom and see what deals I can catch.

Janiece said...

Happy Belated B-day little lady! Our Kallee had that same dress (the 4-22-06 three month picture). I loved that little dress on her, it made her blue eyes dance and she had little pink ballerina shoes she wore with it. Where does time go?!