Friday, January 11, 2008


I feel great about my bargain. No wonder everyone tells about their bargains on their blogs. Now I want to do the same. Only one problem, the deal is over. It ended tonight and I would have shared sooner except I didn't get my bargain until 30 minutes before the store was closing for the evening and I wasn't sure how well it would work.

My thankfulness goes out to my dear friend Suzanne and

I went to Target with 8 printed coupons in my pocket for $3 off of any 2 Huggies products. I had my Dad with me in case I needed him to do some purchasing as well, because I wasn't sure how they would handle that many coupons. I ended up not needing my Dad and was able to use 7 at one time and then found the 8th coupon that I didn't realize I had and went back and purchased 2 more. I couldn't believe they let me use them all at once and... in the same transaction.

What I got:

16 tubs of 72 ct. Huggies Wipes. They are originally $2.39 a piece at Target. Paying the original amount would have been $38.24. Then I saved $24 with my 8 - $3 coupons and only paid $14.24. Wow!

Now if you know me at all I did my math before I purchased. I wasn't concerned about what I paid out of pocket, but I wanted the most for money. So, I did the per wipe division with the large packets of 208 ct and then travel size of 34 ct and came up with the difference that the tubs were the actual better deal per wipe - costing $0.012361 per wipe :)

(p.s. I think I have enough wipes for a while :)


The Going Blog said...

Talk about a rush! That bargain will come in handy even more so in a few months. Congratulations! Have you signed up with CVS yet? That is the talk of blogging.

Michele said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of bargain shopping. All we need to do now is get you hooked on CVS and you won't turn back. I haven't paid for toiletries for our house for a few months now! Congratulations on your successful trip!

Rachel said...

Wow! What a great deal! Thanks for visiting "A Romantic Porch". Have you guessed at the "mystery object" yet? Have a great day! Love,Rachel

Katie and the boys said...

Wesley's closest is FULL of wipes!! Now, start saving with CVS! That is addicting!!

Janiece said...

Just wait until little Mr. or Miss gets here, you will use all of those wipes fast, LOL!