Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Update

I havn't posted a good random selection of pictures in a looooongggg time, so here it is. I am posting them in the following picasa album and will put comments below them to explain. I have also included several pg pictures from over the last month to update from the old one. I am now 25 weeks pg and doing great. Hope you enjoy.

Click on the pic below for more pictures.

2/15 - 3/6 2008


The Going Blog said...

Oh that was great fun to see all those pics. You really have some unique ones that you will be so glad you got. Since I haven't felt the baby move I will take your word on the fact that you really are pregnant :) You look cute!

Aunt Ruthie said...

I enjoyed the pictorial update. Give your little one a hug for me.