Saturday, August 9, 2008


It has been 8 days ago that Lindsey got sick and 8 days of no eating except for a
little on last Friday night 7 days ago. But alas.... she just ate 2 1/2 pieces of cheese at 3:25 a.m. I know, a very weird time. For over a week now there has been NO schedule and no regular sleeping or nap time. I have let her sleep as much as possible, which has been quite a bit. No way am I going to stop a girl as sick as she is from sleeping any time of day or night. She is up right now and yes EATING ( a little ). She still crys over just merely taking a drink, but has been able to drink some chocolate milk shake for a couple of days, but not without crying. She's definitely not all better, but we're on the upward climb. I never want to see her this sick again. I took her to the doctor again on Friday just to follow up before we head into the weekend. They said she is not dehydrated. I was concerned about her ears or possible glands swollen because she is complaining of her ear / jaw area hurting. Good news, it's just swollen glands and not infections. There was nothing more they could do for her, but they gave me another prescription of Tylenol Codeine, which I have been mixing with her apple juice. She won't even touch a Popsicle, etc. She won't even open her mouth to let me look. After I took her to the doctor on Friday, we went and walked around a little pond with a water fountain that had a sidewalk around it. It's really bad, because I can't take her anywhere public for her to enjoy because she is so contagious and those walls at home are getting quite depressing. It was nice for a change in scenery and then when we got home Daddy arrived shortly thereafter to help rescue me. Two kids are a lot of work, but no comparison to a very sick 2 1/2 yr old and a 1 1/2 month old. Well, there's an update. I'll let y'all know in blog land when it's all over, but now we're still just improving.


Karen Walden said...

So glad to hear that she is beginning to improve. What an ordeal you all have been through. My kids have never had this virus and it sounds like we should be very grateful!!! So sorry you have been under so much stress, we'll say a prayer for ya!

Constance said...

I am glad that she is improving. The poor little thing. I think she needs an award after this episode. Take care.

Beth Stetler said...

Bless her heart! ... and yours, too! I hope she continues getting better.