Monday, August 11, 2008

Much Improved

I am happy to report in that Lindsey is for sure improving. She is definitely not 100%, but she has improved so much over the last 48 hours. Saturday was good, but Sunday was even better. She has begun eating some foods, but still thinks everything is going to hurt her and I have to convince her and tell her that no, it doesn't hurt and then she'll usually try it. I am trying to come up with good ideas for her still sensitive mouth. Tonight she had some scrambled eggs that were cooled off and she did really well with eating those. (Not to mention the many Reece Cups that she has eaten - ha ha) She looks better in her eyes, but her face still looks bad, but they are starting to scab over and not near as much drooling. She is also getting back onto a more regular sleeping schedule with just 1 nap during the day. I hope to see her 100% very soon. Going into public places would be a really nice convenience :) Sunday night marked 10 days of this so seeing the end in sight is really great news.

p.s. So far I have been able to keep Aubrey healthy and I hope it continues, but it may be a spell before I really know for sure since the incubation period for this virus is 7 days.


The Millard Family said...

So glad to hear she is doing better!

Martha C said...

I was happy to read this. My heart went out to you when I first read about Lindsey being so sick. I can only imagine how hard that would be all the while trying to keep the baby healthy. That certainly takes a toll on the Moms, doesn't it?!

Dannyandliz said...

Hi Leanna!

This is Elizabeth (Hirschy) Flowers. I am so glad that Lindsey is feeling better! How awful for oyu to have to all go through that! We just started a blog, feel free to check it out. We also just had a new baby and are really enjoying him!

Myranda said...

Oh, so glad that she is better. She had to be miserable!

Stephanie said...

Hi, Leanna! So sorry to hear about Lyndsey's HFM virus! Oh, that is terrible! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this with your new little one too...who is, by the way, ADORABLE! I could just squeeze and love on her! I pray all is well soon and the light at the end of the tunnel shines bright!