Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another walk down memory lane

How time flies! I have been going through some pictures from last June in 2006 and it is hard to believe that the events noted below happened a year ago. (blink blink - and the time is gone)

Lindsey was dedicated at church on June 11, 2006. I can't find the pictures my brother took, thus the reason for not having any pictures posted with Jonathan in them. The pics I do have were just other miscellaneous shots taken with our camera, but Bradley was deemed the official photographer for the occasion. I have the pics, just not handy to post them on here.

My last day at Amica, my employer, was June 16, 2006. Lindsey was born on January 22, 2006 and I was able to take an extended leave from work. I then returned on May 30, 2006 for a short time of 3 weeks. I gave them my 2 weeks notice after I had only been back 4 days. That has now been a year ago this coming Saturday.

That good day of June 16, also marks a bad day. That evening we were headed downtown to Don Pablo's on the river to celebrate my brother, Brian's birthday. As we were crossing over the Big Mac bridge going over into Kentucky we had a horrible accident, thus marking the end of that vehicle for us. We survived, but it was a very traumatic time. Believe it or not, we went ahead and went out to eat after the accident ordeal was over with.

Click on the picture below for more pictures.

Misc pics June 2006

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