Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, the tile is completely up on the shower walls. Dad did the back wall of the shower on Monday and the two side walls on Tuesday. Thursday evening my brother, Bradley, is going to come and grout it for my Dad, because of his bad shoulder. Then the sealer will be put on Friday or Saturday and then it's ready :) My Dad said he was going to just quit, because when he finished that meant Lindsey would be moving home and that makes him VERY SAD! We're only 1/2 mile away, but there are still times when we won't be together, because obviously we will be living in two different houses. I am so excited about my bathroom getting re done. It has needed it ever since we moved in, which was Dec 2001. We have had continuous problems with the bathtub drain and could usually get it fixed to a certain extent, but this last go around before we came to stay at Mom and Dad's was the worst and it wouldn't drain one little speck. Every drop of water that went in the tub had to be scooped out. I know, that sounds terrible, horrible and disgusting - well, it was. I said, now that we have been at Mom and Dad's this long, I am not moving back home until it is fixed and NOW IT IS:) We took the whole bathtub and walls out and redid all the plumbing. It now drains beautifully! I bought new bathroom decorations, curtain, rugs, towels, etc. all last fall and it's still all in the bag and now I get to use it :) I have been using all of my purple bathroom stuff for 6 1/2 years and boy am I ready for the change. I was able to get new bedroom bedding as well, which doesn't happen very often either. I am so happy with all of the changes, the cleaning, the new paint. A fresh new look! Tuesday evening I got Lindsey's room 100% clean and ready to move back into. (sniff sniff) All of the itty bitty baby clothing has all been packed away. There were still tiny socks in the drawers, bottles, etc. and it has all been cleared out for me to be able to put the big girl stuff in its place. She was only 9 1/2 months old when we came to stay at Mom & Dad's and now she is almost 17 months old. Mom and Dad will definitely still need us and we will be right here for them. With Jonathan's work schedule, they probably think that I didn't even move back home. I can't stand being at home by myself for that long period of time. He usually works from about 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The reason for the rush for us to move back home before camp is because the Thursday after camp, Mom has company coming for about a week and needs the guest room. I have taken pictures of the bathroom remodeling and will post pictures of the before and after, after it has all been completed. See ya!
Just a pic I took of Lindsey on 6-2-07


The Going Blog said...

I can't wait to come see your place. Hopefully it won't be old before we get there :) I know it is bitter sweet to be moving back in. Darling pic of Lindsey. See you Sunday

Becky said...

Leanna, You have a beautiful little girl. Tell your Mother that I said Hello.