Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Announcement ~ I am blogging from HOME!!!!

Yes, I have Internet at home - as of right now. There were 4 problems the phone company had to fix before our new phone line would work - three outside of our house and one inside of our house. We haven't had a home phone in years because we didn't need one with our cell phones, but we got Cincinnati Bell Zoom Town High Speed Internet, which requires a working phone line. Anyways, enough of that - it works and I've got Internet at home and that's all that matters!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Now to start downloading my pictures here at my house instead of Mom's and I will be in business for blogging! Goodbye for now!


Michele said...

Great to have you back!

Heather said...

I am happy for you!! Its a pain not having a computer at home. I know.