Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where Did the BABY Go?

Help! I can't find her anywhere!!
Where has the time gone? My Lindsey is now 18 months and growing way to fast. She is very smart and understands way more than what I think she does. Sunday was the first time that the three of us ate at home for a Sunday Dinner. We are ALWAYS at my parents or out of town at my in-laws. We were getting ready to pray and then eat and she bowed her head and prayed, saying in her little way, "Dear Jesus, Amen". Not quite that clear, but you've got the picture. She wanted to go outside the other day so I told her she had to put her shoes on and I went to get them. I could only find one and she went right over to her little car and opened up the little box on it and got her other shoe right out. I would have never found it. It makes me think of the Little Golden Book I had when I was little - Where Did the BABY Go?

The little girl looks everywhere for the baby, but can't find her. She looks in the closets, the mirror, but finally realizes that it is herself and she is no longer a baby.

I think I will have to see if I can buy this on Amazon or Ebay for Lindsey. I don't know where mine went to unfortunately.

Sunday night at church, Lindsey participated in the CMB (Children's Missionary Band) Penny March. All the kids go up front and get cups and then walk around the church getting money from everyone to help our missionaries. It's an on going challenge to see if the girls or boys win in the amount of money they collect and it is announced at the end of the service. Jenna, Lindsey's cousin, took her up there with her and held her hand. Lindsey did great and thought it was a lot of fun - not caring a bit as to where I was - she was very brave:) I didn't think she would be doing it this early, but tonight when they announced it I just felt like she was ready and so she went up. The funny part is - she was losing grip on the cup and some one was trying to help her and in the process the cup was dumped in the middle of the aisle, so my Dad had to get down and pick it all up for her. How fun it is to see our children grow and see them accomplish new things and challenges in their little lives. But, oh how sad as well, because - WHERE DID THE BABY GO?

I hope all of you fellow bloggers had a great and wonderful weekend.

Saturday was a work day for us. We, mainly Jonathan, spray painted some items in the backyard for the purposes of improving the interior of our home. It was fun and I actually got to help. We found a little table at a garage sale for Lindsey for only $2.00. It is so cute and we painted it white. We also got some cute bookcases that we painted as well. And of course the louvered doors for our hallway closet were painted, which was the main reason for the painting event.

Sunday was church of course and after church Sunday night we had a Snack 'n Yack get together at the picnic shelter. We honored Joanne Loper, because it was her last Sunday to be with us. She is getting married in less than 2 weeks and will be living in PA at Penn View while her husband finishes studying for the ministry. I love to fellowship with my friends and talk-talk-talk. It's a great time of fellowship and is always enjoyed.

Have a great week!

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Karen Walden said...

Looks like you are having fun fixing up your house! You will have to post some pics when you are finished!
I can't believe how long Lindsey's hair is! Much longer than Paige's! They grow too quickly...

Julie said...

Leanna, enjoyed this post. I have bought lots and lots of Little Golden books for Mollie but I've never heard of this one. I'll have to try to find it too!

Linda said...

I LOVE the book!! I had it growing up, now I get to read it to Michaela. It is one of her favorites, that one and "Baby Dear".

I hope you are able to find it!!

Angie Davis said...

My baby is 2 now! It makes me weepy sometimes. We're patiently waiting for some pictures of the house.

The Dewhurst Family said...

Cute, loved the bookshelves etc. Lindsey looks like she was working hard.

Katie and the boys said...

It's hard to believe how fast they grow up! They aren't babies anymore :>(