Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cousin Studio Pictures

Well, we actually accomplished it. I have been wanting to get Lindsey and her two cousins on Jonathan's side of the family picture taken together. We were going to at Christmas time and then we ended up not going through with it. The cousins are Belinda and Ralph's children - Jonathan's sisters family. Lizzi turned 3 in July, Noah turned one in May and is now 15 months old and Lindsey is 19 months old.

Also, I was going to take Lindsey to JCPenney's when she turned 18 months, but I was slow to getting around to it. She then burnt her face so I was trying to wait for that to not show up real bad, thus I have a 19 month picture of her from JCP's instead of the desired 18 months. I did get the nice outdoor picture of her that my brother, the photographer, took a week before she turned 18 months, so this counts as well, but we only got 1 good shot so I wanted more.

These pictures were taken on August 25, last Saturday while we were in Indiana. I was pleased with the way they turned out. We had a scheduled appointment for 2:10 and changed it to 3:10. We were a little bit late and we ended up having to wait until 5:00 for a cancellation, but we got the pictures taken and that is all that mattered. I was afraid they would all be too cranky, but we got the 1 good pic of them together and that was the main intent. I was very happy. Noah got fussy after the first few, but that was ok. It was past nap time for all 3. Lindsey did great, thank goodness. She did horrible at her 1 year and 16 month studio photo sessions and now this one went great. Hopefully it's a turning point or maybe it was the cousins :). I love pictures as I am sure all of you can tell by now - Memories - irreplaceable - love'm :) (Now to conquer this task for my side of the family :) ha ha!)

Click on the picture below for all of the pictures.


Karen Walden said...

Very cute... Love both girls dresses by the way!!

Constance said...

Loved them. They are all so good.

Martha C said...

I looove the girls' dresses, too! They are an adorable bunch.

Janiece said...

Too cute! All three of them are adorable!