Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm still alive . . . :)

Well, I know it has been quiet from my little blogging world, but I just haven't been taking as many pictures and taking the time to post.

This won't be much of a posting in the way of pics either, but I did want to mention a few things.

My Dad made it home safely Tuesday evening from his 2 week trip out to Yuma, CO to spend some time with his family. He has 6 siblings and 5 of them live in Yuma and 1 other one that lives quite close to Yuma as well. He flew out on 8/29 and back on 9/11. The 9/11 part of the flying kind of made it scary, but he is now home safe and sound.

On the down side, my Dad is having surgery Wednesday morning. Not even home 24 hours and going under the knife. Yuck Yuck! He is having rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery on his left shoulder. Last November it was his right shoulder. I just wish my parents could go a year with out a surgery. ha ha! (and my Mom still needs to have carpel tunnel surgery done on her right hand) Please pray for my Dad. It's not the surgery that is scary it is knowing what the recovery is like. He still doesn't have full strength back in his right shoulder.

Lindsey is doing great! Changing so much - every day - it seems! She is now jumping - literally off the ground, which was surprising to me and she can do perfect somersaults. She is almost 20 months and starting to talk just a little bit more, but not much. She surprises you with little sayings, such as - She was talking to her Great Aunt Ruthie and her Aunt said, "How are you?" and Lindsey replied clear as day, "Fine". Shocked us half to death. You never know what all their picking up on. Brings more meaning to, Oh, be careful little mouth what you say! Our little one's are watching our every move and grasping it all, I do believe :) She can also do all the hand motions to the little kids church song, Running Over.

I will try and post some pictures soon. Have a great rest of the week!


Rebekah said...

Sounds like Lindsey are Chase are on the same wavelength!! He is very physically active (somersaults, jumping etc...) but not overly verbal yet!! He does like to tell EVERYONE "hi" and "bye". He popps out with odd words on occasion also!! It's fun!!

dorcas said...

How well I know! It is amazing what comes out of their mouths sometimes. They are just like little recorders, recording everything we say to play back to us when we are least expecting it.

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Karen Walden said...

Hey! I didn't realize you had already been tagged but I am also "tagging" you! Check out my blog to find out what you are supposed to do now!

dorcas said...

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