Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

It was a fun Memorial Day weekend for this family of 3! Some parts were hard work and other parts were just plain relaxing and fun. Saturday before the holiday we worked outside all day. I was able to get a huge flower bed in the backyard all cleaned out, flowers planted, and mulched. Of course, Jonathan helped me as well in between the other work he was doing outside. Lindsey had a great day as well and played on her swing set a lot. Sunday was church, eating at home with no other family, which is VERY unusual, and going to the park to let Lindsey feed the ducks. Monday we did more work at home and then that evening we went to Newport on the Levee in KY, which is just across the river. We have gone down there for the last 2 or 3 Memorial Days or at least on that holiday weekend. I guess we have kind of started a small tradition. And as part of the tradition, we always eat at Clauddaugh's and eat fish and chips. Theirs is to die for by the way - the absolute very best - Yummy! :) All three of us ordered it, including Lindsey's child portion and she really liked it. I also, always like to get our picture taken with the view of the river behind us. This years picture wasn't that great, because we are kind of dark, but we got the pic taken, none the less. A very FUN weekend was had by all, even if there was no other family involved or around to be with. Now for the pictures, that you would much rather see, than me keep rambling on.

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Memorial Day 2008

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Constance said...

Great pictures. You look very cute. Lindsey looks adorable, also.