Saturday, May 31, 2008

Playing the waiting game . . .

For those few loyal readers that I have that are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for a report - here it is! No baby yet :) :( I have mixed emotions, but we are doing fine. I was completely prepared to have this baby on Friday if need be, but the results from my NST were good. The baby will continue it's baking process for a little while longer. To be honest it sounded fun to have a tiny little baby this weekend, but we DEFINITELY want what is best for baby. The NST - Non Stress Test - showed good heart rate accelerations and variations with no decelerations, which is what they want to see. The baby also did a lot of kicks and movements during the test, which is also what they are looking for. I guess she liked that coke I drank on the way to the doctors :) My SIL, Lisa, went with me to the NST. She is and has been a L&D nurse for over 16 years. Her knowledge was very helpful in reassuring me that everything was OK. It's one thing for the doctor to just say, OK, everything looks great, see you on Monday, but it was definitely more reassuring to me to have Lisa sit there and explain exactly what the testing was saying and doing and to get her opinion. Also, thanks to my other SIL, Janella, for watching all of our kids (all 4) while we were at the doctors. On Monday I go for another ultrasound to do a BPP - Biophysical Profile - to check the amniotic fluid levels again, the blood flow in the chord and the movements and heart rate. They are not going to do another growth scan on Monday with the ultrasound because it is too close together with the last one and the doctor said there would be no visible and significant change to compare it with last Tuesday's ultrasound. She said as long as things continue to be OK with the baby's health that they would probably not induce me till 39 weeks and she said this might just be a small baby with nothing else wrong. (I am hoping to have the baby at 38 1/2 weeks - but still crossing my fingers :) There you have it - the updated report. I now have a backseat in the van full of bags packed for me and the baby and also Lindsey to go to Grandma and Grandpa's. (My parents are hopefully returning late next Wednesday or on Thursday.) I'll keep you posted with any more updates. I'm now off to get more things marked off my list that weren't as crucial as others. I am now 36 wks & 4 days PG! Later!

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