Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baby update time again...

I had another ultrasound Monday for a BPP - Biophysical Profile. Everything was great once again. They did not do growth measurements on the baby, but did check the amniotic fluid, blood flow in the chord, heart rate, and movement. The BPP score was 8 out of 8. This time around at the doctors I have actually gained some weight, which I think is good since I hadn't in the two weeks previous to my ultrasound last Tuesday. The baby is also measuring 32 weeks today and last Tuesday she was measuring 31 weeks, which shows she is growing some as well. I am 37 weeks today and that is considered term. I am still hoping for a Father's Day weekend baby, but we will see. That is a week from this coming Saturday and I will be 38 wks and 4 days. ~ Crossing my fingers ~ I go back again Thursday for another NST - Non Stress Test.

On another note - GUESS WHAT? !!!!! My Mom and Dad are on their way home - earlier than I had thought they would be! YEAH!!!! They left Monday from Yuma, CO at 1:13 p.m. their time (3:13 p.m. our time). They traveled to Lawrence, KS and stayed there Monday night. They have another 10 hours of actual driving to do today (Tuesday), but hope to be home by a decent time Tuesday night! They have been gone 3 weeks as of yesterday. In some ways it seems like forever and in other ways not very long at all. I will be SO HAPPY to see them and I know a little girl who will be too :) Now, I don't have to worry about my Mom being here for when the baby is born - thank goodness!

Will post another update when there is more news to be had. Later.


Kelly S said...

Glad to hear the good report. I've been worried about you ever since we talked Sunday. Glad everything is looking good!

Kelly S said...
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