Friday, June 6, 2008

Everything is still fine!

I don't know what to title these baby updates, because there is too many and I am running out of ideas :) I was back to the doctor on Thursday for another appointment and an NST - Non Stress Test. Baby is still doing great. I drank a Dr. Pepper and ate before I got to the doctors and she moved around for a while, but then she fell sound asleep in the middle of the test. They got the testing in they needed though, and all is a ok :) I go back Monday for another Ultrasound and BPP - Biophysical Profile. I've decided with all these test results that baby is just fine and just wants to be little, so I've quit worrying and now I'm just counting down the days. I have been much more uncomfortable this week than I had been being. I guess my body is just getting prepared to have this baby soon - I HOPE :) Will post again with any more updates.

p.s. Thanks to Mom and Dad for watching Lindsey today while I went to the Doctors. I am SO GLAD they are back home. Today would have been quite hectic without their help because both of my SIL's that live near by were both unavailable. I love having family close by.

p.s.s. I am starting to enjoy Mom's retirement as well! Thursday evening we went to visit a friend of ours, Jolinda Shelton Todd, that we hadn't seen since my wedding day. It was great fun getting to catch up and talk about the old days. Her little boy is just 2 months younger than Lindsey and they got along great as well as having fun with her two older girls as well that are 6 & 7. I got some really cute pics, but they are on Mom's camera and I don't have them downloaded onto my computer - sorry! Before retirement my Mom would have never done that on a week night and then grab a bite to eat on the way home. I think retirement is sinking in a little more and becoming somewhat of a reality to her since she has come home from vacation and she is not and will not be going back to work. I am so happy for her and she can now not be completely exhausted every evening after work. RELAXATION!!


The Going Blog said...

I'm glad to hear that all is well. Sounds like you are nesting from your previous post. It won't be long now. I saw your in-laws across the auditorium the other night. We went to the camp back behind our church.

Michele said...

Thanks for the updates and we will keep praying.

Constance said...

It is wonderful that everything is still great. I keep checking your blog every day to see if there is anything happening.

Melanie C. said...

Jolinda was my first piano teacher! Her mother also taught at my dad's school and I had her when I was in 2nd grade. Would love to get to see Jolinda again!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leanna, glad to hear things are going well, praying for you. ~Sharla