Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was feeling a bit cooped up Wednesday evening since I hadn't left the house in 2 days, so I decided to take Lindsey to Sharon Woods again and attempt to feed the ducks. Jonathan decided to go with us despite the migraine he had and was glad that he did and it was finally gone by the end of our evening out. Unfortunately there were almost no ducks to feed so we ended up walking around the entire Sharon Woods Lake, 2.5 miles. We were hoping to speed this baby waiting game up, not to mention that it is quite hilly around the lake. It definitely gave me a good work out and surprisingly I didn't really wear out too much. After the long walk we let Lindsey play on the play ground for a good while and then we headed for home. Thursday is "hopefully" a final cleaning day for this baby's arrival since I go back to the doctor on Friday. "TIME" will tell :)

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