Friday, August 3, 2007

I FOUND IT & I can hardly believe it :) So Excited!

This one is MINE :)

I can't believe I actually found quite a few of the Little Golden Books that I had when I was little. To top it off, they were found the very same week that I happened to have already blogged about them. I was doing was extensive cleaning this evening and --- There they were :) I had already shopped for two of these books on ebay this week and just hadn't bought them yet ( thank goodness ). My favorite - Where Did the BABY Go? is in absolutely horrible shape - Well, actually just the front cover. The inside of the book is fine, used but ok. I am going to do some repair work on it and it should be just fine. I also had the book Baby Dear. I have posted some pictures for you to be able to see them and also the actual story of Where Did the BABY Go? Hope you enjoy! A walk down memories lane - how fun for me to have found these this very week!


The Story of Where Did the BABY Go?

By: Sheila Hayes ~ Illustrated by: Eloise Wilkin

(Directions - Click on the actual slideshow to view the pictures in the format that I normally use and they will be bigger pics if you are actually wanting to read it.)



dorcas said...

I noticed that one of the books only cost 69 cents. They sure aren't that anymore. I love the golden books also, however I'm not sure that I ever read those 2.

Tamra said...

Glad you found your "treasures". :) At least you don't have to buy they now.

The Dewhurst Family said...

Glad you found them. I remember having them as a kid. I loved them.