Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No, outsmarting us parents...

Just tooo smart. Monday, Lindsey was unusually very fussy and I was set on her having a very necessary nap. I put her to sleep and went and laid her down. Five seconds later she was awake. I laid down beside her and got her back to sleep. Jonathan arrived home from work about that time. I quietly got up from laying beside her. I was out of the room for a mere few minutes and she very loudly let us know that she was awake. I then sent Jonathan in to take care of her because we were going to win the battle. He laid down with her and she decided she wanted to play. A few minutes went by and then Jonathan decided to holler for me to let me know she wasn't going back to sleep and BAM she hit the pillow beside Jonathan like a scared cat. She KNEW that Mama meant business and that she was supposed to be going to sleep and not playing. So, I came in and gave her the Mama talk about having to take a nap and that she had to lay down beside Daddy. I left out of the room and did not see her again until she was awake from her nap. Jonathan told me later that after I left back out of the room that she still wasn't going to sleep and so Jonathan said to her, "Do you know what Mommy would do if she was in here and she knew you weren't laying down and going to sleep?" She clapped her hands in a manner implying -spanking- and then patted her hand on the pillow. She KNEW that she was supposed to go to sleep. Well, she finally did under the persistent help of her Daddy. (Yes, he disciplines her as well, although this story doesn't seem to imply that, but she knew that Mommy meant business about the whole sleeping situation as we have been dealing a lot with this lately.)

On another note, which might be the cause of the fussing, she has been teething. I kept watching for this one particular tooth to come in for the last two weeks and then tonight I checked and to my amazement there were two new teeth that are coming in and the one I had been expecting isn't one of them. She now has 14 with more quickly to come. The two new ones are hardly visible, but I can actually feel the hard tooth that is coming through so the teething on those aren't over with - uugghh!!

Here are some 1sts for Lindsey

She finished unrolling a roll of toilet paper to the very end the other day. She has rolled toilet paper off before, but never in a LARGE quantity and never finished a roll off before. But, she has now. I had to laugh and realized that I was lucky that this hadn't happened before now.

Monday evening when we had the whole sleeping ordeal we were actually at my parents house and she took her nap in my parents bed. When she wakes up from her naps she always just crys enough to let me know she's awake. Well, she didn't this time. Here she came walking into the kitchen from the bedroom. She had never done this before and it quite shocked me. I knew she could get down off of the bed by herself, but she had never done it after a nap. My little girl! Where did the baby go? She wasn't crying, and she just looked really sleepy.

She told me Monday evening for the first time that her diaper was dirty. I have asked her on other occasions if her diaper was dirty and she would imply that it was, but she had never initiated the grand news. Monday, she came up to me and kept trying to get my attention and hitting on my skirt. I thought she just wanted to sit in my lap and then I looked down at her and she started pulling at the back of her skirt. And... sure enough - she needed changed. Another step leading to the readiness of being potty trained. YEAH!!

Well, I hope this didn't bore you too bad, but I guess it's too late if you were, because you've obviously read it all now. Until next time - Tu da loo!


Katie and the boys said...

Welcome to 18 months. Michael went through the same stage at her age. I do have to say he is almost 23 months and he is starting to realize that we mean what we say. Last week we just had one "bratty" incidence. Which is better than three-four a day.

Constance said...

So cute. We have the same battle with naps many times.

Sorry to hear about Jonathon's grandma. We will remember you guys in prayer

Kelly S said...

It didn't bore me one bit. If only we could slow that growing process down a bit!

I enjoyed seeing your wedding pics of Michelle's wedding. I was hoping someone would post some pictures of it.

Also, I'm so sorry to hear about Jonathan's grandmother. By your description, she sounds like a nice lady to know.

Rebekah said...

Loved hearing about Lindsey's moments!!! I wonderful to hear that maybe my son is normal and not out of control!!!

Sadly though I don't think he is as close to the potty process. Mommy is but.....