Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Doctor's Visit Report

YEAH!! As of yesterday I have now actually seen the doctor and everything looks great.

And..... drum roll please..... YES, we heard the heartbeat and it is a normal fast baby heartbeat. But, all be it, it was a brief hearing. Jonathan was not able to go with me to the doctor this time and so I had my cell phone on speaker in hopes that he would get to hear the heartbeat. I think he ended up hearing it better than me. I was so worried about making sure he heard it that when they finally picked it up on the doppler for a brief few seconds I was trying to make sure the phone was where he could hear it. They only found it once and only for a few seconds. They said the baby was moving around too much and with it still being so early that it was hard to find. It satisfied me in the sense that I know it's a good, fast, normal heartbeat, but not in the sense of really getting to listen to that heartbeat. I still just may have to end up visiting my sister-in-law at L&D after all because 1/16/08 seems like a long ways away to wait and see the doctor again.

In other doctor news, I explained to them how I was having such a horrible time with my breathing and being extra abnormally out of breath. I remember being out of breath some with Lindsey, but I'm not sure that it was this early in my pregnancy. The problem started this time about the same time I started getting sick. I have been slowly improving on the nausea, but my breathing is getting continually worse. I can't do anything without being labored in breathing. Just talking for an extended time or bending over and helping Lindsey with something is just horrible, and to go to sleep is even worse. In years gone by I have had very minor signs of exercise induced asthma, and the doctor is thinking that my pregnancy is making it worse. I was given a peak flow meter to measure the strength of my lungs and I am suppose to track it to make sure that it remains in the same area.

There you have it, there's the report.


Katie and the boys said...

I hope everything turns out okay!! Mark has that and it is VERY serious!!! Just ask him about the time the ambulance came out to the soccer field.

The Going Blog said...

Glad to hear everything is "normal". I suppose if you have asthma they can help you. It sounds miserable in the meantime. Sarah Brooke enjoys seeing your babystrology.