Friday, December 21, 2007

A Visit to Santa Clause

Thursday evening I dressed Lindsey all up in her little Santa dress in hopes for a visit and good pic with Santa Clause at the mall. She briefly sat on his lap right after Thanksgiving and was not happy about it at all, crying, etc. It wasn't the official visit though, so once the time came, I wasn't sure how it was going to go and if we would be able to get a good picture. While we were in line to see Santa I was prepping her and she about squeezed my neck off. I asked her if she wanted to see Santa and she very emphatically told me "NO". Right before we were to see him, I told her she could have a piece of candy if she would sit on his lap and let us take her picture. I gave her the candy before she sat on his lap and she did great. Bribing works - wow! She wasn't the happiest at first, but we were able to get a good smile out of her and Mommy was proud of her and happy. So, another picture with Santa was taken to put in the book so we can go down memories lane for years to come. I hope to do it every year till my children get to "old".

Growing up, I never actually believed in Santa, but the whole idea was a fun thing. We knew "all" presents came from Mommy and Daddy. I really don't care if they believe or not, because that is definitely not the reason for the season, but the picture taking is fun anyways.

To all my bloggers Have a Holly Jolly Merry Christmas - HO-HO-HO!!
Tuesday evening was Jonathan's work Christmas party and I was able to go as well. We left Lindsey with my Mom and Dad for a few hours, which we have only done 2 other times since she was born in order for us to just go out. We have both not been without her at the same time, but for other reasons and still not very often. The reason being is Jonathan and I just can't stand to do anything without her. I want her to be included in everything and to make fun memories as a family. It was an enjoyable time. We went to the Manchester Inn in Middletown, OH. I was finally able to put a face to many of the names that I hear about all the time from Jonathan's work.
On another note, I think we finished our Christmas shopping and now the joy of getting to wrap them all. We didn't have a big list this year, but I always no matter what am usually buying the bulk of the gifts the week before Christmas.
Enjoy the pics! Click on the pic below for more picture!


The Going Blog said...

Apparantly when they are 6 & 8 they are too old to sit on Santa's lap. Miss Ashley was all for it. You got a great picture. I know that felt like a huge accomplishment. You and Jonathan look great! Tell him I loved the pink blanket he was wearing ;) At first I thought they were p.j.'s and I thought no way. Too funny!

Leanna Pitcher said...

Martha, That's funny you noticed the pink blanket. It is Lindsey's and he was just using it to cover up! He's a guy that's ok with pink stuff, but... not that much :)!! lol!!

Karen Walden said...

That's hilarious! I saw the "pink" too and thought it was flannel lounging pants! Tell him "Real men wear pink..." :) Cute pictures of you all and Lindsey! Merry Christmas!