Friday, December 7, 2007

YEAH! Our Christmas Tree is UP!!!

Wow, I was actually beginning to wonder when and if it would get put up. Especially since a lot of my blogger friends have had theirs up for over two weeks. I LOVE the Christmas season and the decorations, BUT.... I absolutely despise the mess and the hassle of putting up the Christmas Tree.
Jonathan's work schedule right now is out of this world crazy and absolutely way too busy and has been for about 5 months. I keep hoping that he can slow down, but something else always comes up. He worked almost 80 hours last week, but it' usually at least 60 or more. My point in explaining about Jonathan is... When can he help me????? I have been very sick with the baby and definitely am not up to doing this all by myself. Today, was no different. Jonathan and I both thought that he would be able to make it home at a decent time, but early evening I realized he wouldn't be home for quite a few more hours.
Lindsey was completely out of sorts, for some unexplainable reason and I was feeling verrry stressed. Jenn E. had asked me earlier, if I wanted to do something and I said I hoped to be able to spend time with Jonathan. I called her around 5:30 thinking in the back of my mind that it would be really nice if she would come help me, but didn't come right out and ask. When talking to her, I explained my frustration and how close it was getting to Christmas. She then asked if I would like for her to come and help me. I GLADLY ACCEPTED. So, that's the story. Our Christmas tree and some other decorations are all up. YEAH! Thanks, so much Jenn for the help. I don't know if I could ever be that nice because obviously I didn't want to do my own let alone someone else's - LOL!!
Lindsey was a little better after Katrin arrived. It was still a trying evening with Lindsey since she can be quite aggresive with anyone close to her size or smaller and they usually don't like it. I guess she's around her older cousins too much and she just fits right in with them. But, Katrin endured and they had some enjoyable time playing together. I told Jenn that she was going to think it was Nightmare on our street after having spent the evening here, but I hope she had a somewhat good time :)
Her presence helped greatly with my stamina and drive to get it done. I wouldn't really call myself a loner and certainly didn't want to tackle that project with just Lindsey here. We haven't had a tree up in our house in 3 years. Last year was due to being at my parents house for 7 month, and the year before that I was 8 months pg with Lindsey and there was no way I was going to create that mess when I was still trying to finish up the baby room. We had to have a tree up this year though, if for no other reason, for Lindsey.
Christmas is a WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR! Here are a few pics. Enjoy!

Click on the pic below for more pics.


The Going Blog said...

You sure have a friend in Jenn. The tree is beautiful. You are really going to enjoy it.

Tamra said...

Your tree looks nice. Glad you were able to get it up this year. Enjoy!

Nancy said...

Jenn E. just seems to be the little "Christmas tree" elf! While Chris was working one evening (yes, he has 80 hour weeks too) she came and helped me rearrange all my furniture so I could put my tree up. The kids actually helped assemble the tree. Just wait till your kids are that'll love it! Till then, I guess we have to ask the Christmas tree elf for help! LOL! Looks great!

Becky said...

You have a very beautiful tree.

sankey family said...

Your tree is beautiful, Leanna!

tacomom said...

So glad you had a friend to help. Funny I was thinking (btw, I go to church with Lynette Cooper, which I'm thinking might be a cousin to your dh?) when reading about your baby on the way that you are the second blogger in 12 hrs that I read who is pregnant. Having no clue that you and Jenn E are friends. How weird is that? We've had several years in the last 14 without a tree. Christmas used to be my absolute busiest time of year (director of school and church programs) and we spent more time at my parents who lived 1/4 mile from the church/school than we did at home during those weeks so I often didn't get mine up. But now that the girls are old enough to know better...but they help, like Nancy mentioned :)