Sunday, March 25, 2007

Beautiful Weather & A Fun Saturday

Well, we didn't go out and do much today, but we had some friends over and had a lot of fun relaxing and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. I pulled out the sandals for the first time today and cooler clothes. I love every season and always ready for the next one when it gets here. Easter is just around the corner - two weeks away:)

I had no new pics to post, so I went archiving and found pictures from this week a year ago. I had gahlbladder surgery on March 22, 2006, the day Lindsey turned 2 months. I had a lot of great helpers as you will be able to tell in the pictures I posted.

Have a great Sunday!

Click on the picture below for more pictures.

March 22-26, 2006 - I had gahlbladder surgery & had lots of helpers

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