Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy 14 Months Old Lindsey

Lindsey is 14 months old today - March 22, 2007. Just yesterday I was commenting to Jonathan that I can't believe that little spit fire is who we brought home from the hospital a little over a year ago. She is so honery and running over with personality. She is a big tease she loves to give hugs and kisses and we love being her parents. She has brought great amounts of joy and love into our home. We are now a family and we are loving it. We couldn't live with out her. Our pride and joy. We love you, Lindsey. Happy 14 months old :)


Nancy said...

Cute, cute outfit. She is a doll. Kids are so enjoyable...not sure why people whine about their kids...they can be lots of work, but it's all so worthwhile!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE her outfit! Especially the skirt! Where in the world did you find it?! She looks like she is a barrel of fun for you all! See you in a few weeks at Dayton!

Karen Walden

Jenn said...

Happy 14 months to Lindsey! Katrin will be 11 months tomorrow. Where has the time gone?!?!! Very cute dress.