Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Off to Bus Convention we go..........

We are leaving early Tuesday afternoon and will be eating an early supper at my cousins Philip & Rachael Going in Greenfield, IN and then on to Camby, IN by 7 pm for the opening service. We got a motel near the Indianapolis Airport, which is less than 10 miles from where the Convention is. There is a total of 32 sessions/workshops to choose from that will be during the day on Wed & Thurs, but there is only enough time to go to 8 of them and they are each approx 1 hour long. We will return home on Friday in time for Mom to be to her next therapy appointment that afternoon.

Of course I am getting to go with Mom & Dad because Mom couldn't go without me coming along to help her out due to still recovering from her shoulder surgery. I am her beautician ++++ :) She truly is getting better, but she still can't lift her arm on her own power above her waist. She is planning on going back to work next Monday on the 12th. That will be 5 weeks out from her surgery date.

This all means that there won't be any blogging until this weekend. I apologize to my loyal readers in advance.

Now, onto my past weekend report. Of course we were in revival, so I was in church, but we did other things as well. Jonathan and I had a very full day on Saturday. We had an errand to run in the early afternoon and we did some quick shopping. Then we were invited to go to lunch/supper with Paul, Jenn, & Katrin Eckert to Don Pablo's to celebrate Paul's Birthday. We had a great time and they graciously attended church with us afterwards even though that isn't what you normally think of doing when making birthday plans. Sunday night after church my entire family was invited to Shane & Tamra Craycrafts for a snack. We had a great time and a lot of fun. Thanks for the invite!

Well later for now. Have a great week!

I have attached a few pics from our weekend.

Click on the picture below for more pictures.


Carrie said...

What fun! I guess I'll see you at Bus Convention, then!

Myranda said...

So glad you are getting to go to Bus Convention. We would have liked to have gone, too, but decided to go to IHC instead.

Have fun - can't wait to hear reports and see pics!