Sunday, April 1, 2007

Excuses Excuses.......(we all make them)

Well well, what do I say. Have I lost all my loyal readers, since I have not been loyally posting? I apologize. I left my camera at my brothers house last Sunday night and I still do not have it back. I am a picture blogger with a few details here and there. That's my excuse.

It's been another really nice spring week. Bye bye winter clothes and hello spring clothes :) Lindsey along with Mommy and Grandpa S. made her first trip of the season to the park and she loved the swing and the slides. We didn't stay long, but she enjoyed it. She also has been hesitant about the whole grass thing, but Daddy helped her with that today and let her go outside and walk in it barefooted and now she's feeling much braver :) She loves other kids and went right out and joined all of them playing in the side yard of grass at church this evening.

I have been shopping, and shopping, and shopping for some good spring/summer outfits with no luck, but with my mother in attendance I had much better luck when we went shopping yesterday. So now I am feeling much better about the whole Easter outfit ordeal. Lindsey was easy to buy for, in fact too easy, but me, it was another story.

Friday evening we went down to Craig Brown's pizza restaurant, Germantown Pizza, in Covington, KY and had a great time with some great pizza.

Jonathan has been working on our house a lot and is hoping to repaint the whole house this week except for the bedrooms and bathroom. He's already done the first grass mowing for the season and the yard looks really nice and green already :) Now I just need to get out there in a few weeks and do some flower planting - haha! I love to do it, but it's not easy now that I have a baby to run after - I'd be up chasing her more than down digging in the ground - so we'll see how that goes this year.

Well I have reported in and hopefully I will have some pictures to post again soon. Later!


Sankey Family said...

Yes, I have missed your posts and pictures....Glad you're back.


Anonymous said...

I missed you, Leanna, glad you're back on. Love you,
Aunt Ruthie

Martha C said...

I'm still loyal. :-) Always love the pictures though.