Thursday, April 19, 2007

~~ IHC 2007 ~~

Time Flys! We wait a whole year and look forward to it and then it's done and over with before it seems like it starts. I love going to IHC - Inter Holiness Convention. I have never missed a year in my life and I hope to keep the tradition up with my daughter. People ask if it's hectic taking a baby, but that's all I ever wanted. When I thought we would never have children it was very hard to go to IHC and see all the strollers lined up and none of them were ours. Now I get to take my baby, my stroller and I enjoy IHC just the same. Yes, it's different, but I still love it. Lindsey and I went with my parents Tuesday evening. Jonathan took off and we were all together at IHC on Wednesday and Thursday. Some year I would like to stay at Crown Plaza and enjoy the convenience, but until then, we travelled back and forth, which is about 45 min to an hour.

We had a great time and enjoyed being able to spend time with what family was there. Jonathan's parents and sister and her family were not able to come due to our niece Lizzi being sick. Lizzi has CF - cystic fibrosis - and hasn't had to be admitted into the hospital in over two years, but her antibiotics were not working so they had to admit her for two iv antibiotics and one oral antibiotic. She was admitted last Thursday I believe and came home this past Monday. She has a pick line in and has to remain on the antibiotics until next Wednesday. She is doing good, but they still weren't able to come. We missed you!

Another year of IHC come and gone! Now we have another year to look forward to!

Enjoy the pics!
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IHC - April 2007


Tamra said...

Hi Leanna! I think this is the first year I have missed IHC. What a bummer! I finally created a new blog yesterday. So check it out when you can. Just a still needs work.
I keep looking at my watch, trying to guess where Brian & Janella are en route today. :( It was even a bigger bummer not to be able to go on that trip, but that's life.
How exciting for Suzanne & Scott! She is already a natural with babies. They will make great parents.

Julie said...

I really enjoyed all your pictures from IHC. Lindsey looked like she was having lots of fun.

~Heather~ said...

Hey Leanna, THANKS for posting some IHC pics...for this far-away missionary that could not be there...but that LOVES IHC more than Christmas... AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! But, when God calls you to go to a foreign field, you gladly answer yes. =) THANK GOD for the IHC Streaming Audio, so we did get to LISTEN TO EVERY SERVICE and we loved it!!

Take care,
Heather (Bogota, Colombia)

Nancy said...

I agree 100%....I thoroughly enjoy taking our three kids to IHC. Although I must say, I can hardly remember what it feels like to go to IHC without kids. I think it's just so fun to show your kids to your friends and just as fun to see theirs and how they are growing. Our kids have always seemed to do well there, and this year, Lauren and Michael were just CRAZY about it. I didn't feel like I had the energy to go on Thurs. (we went Tues and wed), and you should have heard the moaning and groaning on the way home Wed.....they didn't understand why we had to miss Thurs. Maybe next year....
Lindsay looked so cute at IHC. She's a doll. You keep her dressed so cute. Your pictures turned out great. I wish I'd have taken more of the crowd.

Rebekah said...

Your pics of IHC were fun to look at. It has been forever since I've been able to go! (The 30 minute drive was a little easier than the 17 hours it would take now!) It was fun going every year while growing up though! Brought back some good memories though! Thanks!!! Lindsey is a cutie though!!