Monday, April 30, 2007

A Visit from G & G Pitcher, Lizzi & Noah

Saturday, Jonathan's parents came for a visit and surprised us by bringing along our niece and nephew, Lizzi and Noah. Ralph and Belinda, their parents, couldn't come because they had to go to a birthday celebration, but we were able to enjoy the kids company and they all had a great time with Lindsey and she loved having them here. Lindsey is really learning how to play with other kids and she just absolutely loved it. Lizzi's affections for Lindsey are just the same so it was a lot of fun for her as well. We hadn't seen Jonathan's parents since March 18th, so it was a really nice of them to come over and see us. We went out to eat to Margarita's mexican restaurant at Cincinnati Mills Mall in Fairfield, OH. With being that close to Bass Pro Shops we made a trip into there as well. Then we took them to Jungle Jim's. I know it's just a grocery store, but it can be quite interesting for someone that has never been there. Anyways, we were there for about an hour or so and then they had to go home, sniff sniff. Thank you for coming, Mom and Dad Pitcher, we love you all bunches! Thank you Belinda for allowing your kids to come even though you weren't able too, I know that was a real sacrifice :).

I tried to take a lot of pictures for Belinda's sake, so enjoy.
Click on the picture below for more pictures.

Visit from G&G Pitcher on 4-28-07


Rebekah said...

Looks like you had a great visit! I enjoyed looking at the Jungle Jim pictures! I remember going there a LONG time ago when I was young!!

Nancy said...

We've taken my parents there when they've been in town. (jungle Jims) My kids always live visiting there. There's so many interesting things to do. May I recommend the Pumpkin Roll.....if you like pumpkin roll, they have some there from Amish country and is it ever DELICIOUS! My kids favorite is the huge frozen coiled-up snake for about $100. Yes, very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Thanks for posting.