Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weekend Events

~ Friday Fun ~
Mom was off today. (Because who likes to go back to work on Friday after already having been off work for 2 days for IHC.) Mom, Lindsey and I went to the mall for several hours and strolled around. We had some exchanges to make and a shower gift and birthday gift to shop for. Then we came home and then later we went back to the mall with Daddy and Grandpa in tow and ate at Ruby Tuesdays. Then I came home and cleaned for several hours. (Now that part wasn't fun :)
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Friday's Mall Trip
~ Gretchen Stroup's Bridal Shower ~
~ Baby Heintzelman's Debut ~
This morning, Mom, Lindsey and I went to Gretchen Stroup's church bridal shower. She is getting married in June to Aaron Wetherald. Katie Heintzelman had her baby last Sunday and was at the shower today with him. Welcome Baby - Wesley Duane Heintzelman! He is so cute. We had a great time and I took some pictures to share as well.
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Gretchen's Bridal Shower & New Baby Wesley Heintzelman
~ Katrin Eckerts 1st Birthday Party ~
After the shower we came home and picked up my Dad and went to Katrin's Birthday Party. Jonathan was working as he does every Saturday. They live in Kentucky, so that's where the party was. Their neighbor/friends who live across the street from them let them use their detached kitchen facilities and large deck. It has been such a beautiful day and a great place to have a party -outside! We had great grilled food and all the amenities and delicacies that go with it. After the fun party we went to see their new house that they just purchased this month. So... they will no longer be Kentucky residents, but Ohio residents. They are doing a lot of work to the house and it is going to be very nice. I am very happy for them!
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Katrin Eckert's 1st Birthday Party

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