Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sick Ward - & Other News

Well, where do I begin. Sick, sick, or sick? Lindsey got sick almost two weeks ago on Tuesday night 12 days ago. She isn't better yet. It's almost like it's been three different sicknesses and yet all in one. It started out with the whole fever thing and that was my main concern, but it seemed to just be the virus thing with no ear infection etc. and that started to get better on Thursday. Then on Friday night she started getting sick again and by Saturday afternoon it was full force and was improving by this past Tuesday. Then on Wednesday evening she turned for the worse again with a horrible runny nose and very gunky, runny eyes. I thought it was pink eye and I knew I couldn't avoid the doctor any longer so on Thursday I took her to the doctor. They said she didn't have pink eye, and that the eye problem was just a back up of drainage and was the same thing as her nose problem. She did have a slight ear infection though, that they said was less than 24 hours old. That made me feel better since up until that point she probably did only have the old sick virus stuff, but now we needed the doctors help. We got her an antibiotic, which she will now be on for 10 days. It is now late Sunday night and she is improving, but not completely better. Her eyes aren't quite as bad, but were still a little gunky when she got up this morning and she has a pretty congested sounding cough, but I think it's just the whole congestion thing trying to break loose. We didn't go to church this morning, but we did tonight. We had the Pennview Choir tonight at church and they were really good. Now I just hope she keeps improving and that we are able to have an enjoyable week at IHC.

Now onto more interesting things. Thursday evening, my brother, Brian came down and brought all three of the kids. Janella was at work and Matthew was to be going home Friday evening to Michigan, so we were able to enjoy some more time with him before he left. We had a great time and a lot of fun as you will be able to see in the pictures I have posted below. We were acting quite goofy and trying to see who could pick up who. Have fun laughing at us in the pictures :)
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horsin around 4-12-07
Friday evening, was our monthly Homebuilders meeting. I hosted it here at my parents home. There were 5 couples missing, so there were only 4 couples here. We had great food, a great time, and a great meeting. I have also attached some pictures of this.
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Homebuilders 4-13-07
I got an exciting phone call Monday morning from my best friend Suzanne Capplinger (Loper). They got married last April 21, 2006. SHE IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY! I am so happy for her and Scott. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to parenthood! I have attached some pictures of their wedding from last year.
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Suzanne & Scott's Wedding - April 21, 2006
I also went reminiscing through pictures from this time last year and have posted some pictures of Easter a year ago in 2006. Enjoy!
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Easter last year - 2006
I hope all of you have a great week and maybe I will see some of you this week at IHC!


Rebekah said...

I enjoyed looking at your newest blog! I'm glad to hear that you all are getting better!! Poor Lindsey!! Don't you just hate it when they are sick!!! Have a great week!

Martha C said...

That's so exciting about Scott and Suzanne! Please give them my congratulations.

Angie Davis said...

What's up with all the sickness this year? Everyone has had 2 or 3 rounds with the germs, I think. We really need some nice warm weather!