Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cincinnat Reds Baseball Game

We were given free $30. awesome seat tickets to the Reds game for Tuesday, May 8. Jonathan wasn't able to go because of work, but Lindsey and I went and met Johnny Cheatham, Jonathan's first cousin who lives here in Cincinnati. He is definitely the one you want to go with if your as ignorant about baseball as I am. I know the basics and thats it. I said I wouldn't have known if they had won or last every game this season so far. Thankfully Johnny didn't mind giving me a full commentary on all the terminology and players etc. The Reds put up a good fight and it was a good game, but unfortunately they didn't win. I took quite a few pictures, so enjoy. Please be sure and read the picture captions for more details. Yes, Griffey Jr. had a home run during the game for us to enjoy and one other person also got a homerun. Overall we had a nice time.

We sat in section 132 L. It is the one by the letter b at the end of where it says Diamond Club by first base.

Click on the picture below for more pictures.

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Game 5-8-07


Anonymous said...

I just found your blogspot- nice pics. Linseys adorable! You had some nice seats at that Reds game, didn't you? Miss you - Suzanne

Jonathan Walden said...

Looks like fun and great seats! Let me know if you need another substitute for Jonathan! I am hoping to get Parker to a game in the next few weeks.

Angie said...

Hey!! Your little girl is adorable!! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog! Yes, I remember you, and it was nice hearing from you again! I'm new to blogging and got a lot to figure out. Like, how do you save someone elses blog on the favorite on your page? Talk to you later! Angie

~Heather~ said...

Don't know much about the Reds, but it looks like you got some good pics. Also, loved the last 2 pics of Cinci...since we lived there for 8 years or so, I LOVE THAT CITY!! We have lots of memories there: we got married there, started our first home there, first child was born there, etc.
Thanks for signing...have a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!!
Love, Heather =)

Nancy said...

Glad you enjoyed the game. At least I'm not the only one that needs help during a game! It is very interesting.