Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We came home Sunday night from my in-laws in Indiana. We had a great time. We were able to spend 2 great days with them. Saturday evening was Noah's 1 year birthday party. We wish we could see them much more often, but it sure doesn't help the situation when gas prices just jumped up again to $3.49. I got lots of great pics of our weekend.

You are the absolute cutest nephew - I love you to pieces. You are full of laughs, giggles, and smiles. I hope you have many, many more happy birthdays :) I LOVE YOU!
(Sorry this was posted a day late.)

Monday evening, Lindsey and I went to Concert on the Lawn at GBS. Afterwards we stood around talking to fellow bloggers :) I got some cute pics of Nancy Lambeth's children. Nancy's youngest is only 3 days older than Katrin, Jenn's daughter, and Lindsey is only 3 months older than the two of them. It was fun to watch them play together.

Tuesday, May 22, Lindsey turned 16 months old. I had her picture taken at JCPenney's and Mom went with me. Lindsey did not cooperate with the whole photo shoot thing. She was scared of the photographer and would hardly smile or take her fingers out of her mouth. The one I did end up choosing wasn't the best smile in the world, but it was decent and a full shot, which is what I wanted. Katrin also had her picture taken at a place near our house so we decided to meet up with Jenn and Katrin for a little bit. Katrin had already changed out of her picture clothes, but I forgot to bring extras for Lindsey. I was able to get some cute pictures of them together though.

Well, that's all I have for now. Enjoy the pics :)

Click on the picture below for more pictures.

May pics


Rebekah said...

Hey! I really enjoyed the pictures of the concert on the lawn! Campus has really changed. When I was in band and played in that concert they had it on the patio outside the cafeteria. Time just marches on. It was cool to see Tonya. She was in our class right?

Myranda said...

Love all the pics - glad you're home safely!

Julie said...

Enjoyed seeing all your pictures. I love the way you dress Lindsey - she always looks adorable. She always looks happy too.

Janella said...

Love the picture of you and Lindsey! Looks like she had a ball in IN.

~Heather~ said...

Adorable pics...Glad you got to go to the Concert on the lawn...I always LOVED going to that!

Love, Heather =)

Nancy said...

See? I was polite...I DID let you post those pictures first after all! LOL! You got some cute ones that I didn't and I love the sepia one. I also LOVE the ones of Lindsay in the blue dress....she poses much better than Caleb. The one of her pulling Katrin's hair is just too funny. Very cute!

Sandy Smith said...

Leanna, These pictures of Lindsey are just too cute. I am so happy for you and Jonathon. Seeing you the other day I can see the peace and happiness you have now. You deserve it, god has truly blessed you. Cant wait to see the pictures of Lindsey in my car too.