Friday, May 25, 2007

Recent & Reminiscent

I had a few new pics I wanted to share with you, but I found a bunch of old ones as well.

My friend Sandy, from my old work place before I had Lindsey, stopped by Wednesday evening. I hadn't seen her since last November. I also didn't know she had ordered a new sports car. It is a Pontiac Solstice and she's had it about two months. I really liked it and so did Lindsey as you will notice in the pictures. It was fun getting to chat for a little while and catch up on some news.

Wednesday afternoon I talked Dad into going to Lowe's to get flowers and Mom went along with us. They bought about 120 flowering plants. Most of them (114) were the 6 pack of annual flowers. They already have tons of perennials (return each year) so we just needed to add the color. I started working on it Wednesday evening and was hoping to finish it Thursday, but no such luck. I have almost used all of those flowers and now we need to go back and buy a few more. I have done all of the planting, but Dad has helped me with the weeding and cleaning up the ground in the flower beds. I LOVE doing this type of work, but company is also nice so it has been nice just having him outside with me. Lindsey of course has been outside with me for a lot of the time as well. She is definetely an out doors girl. Besides the flower bed planting, Dad and I also planted flowers in 7 hanging baskets, 3 of which are for my house. I will be sure and post pictures when we are done, but not until the mulch is down. Wow, what mulch does for a flower bed and in my opinion has to be the brick red color. If you use the black mulch it just looks like more dirt or at least I think so :). I will hopefully complete the project on Friday, if I have time after the house cleaning gets done, because we may be having company spend the night.

I went down memory lane in my picture files and found a bunch I wanted to share. Most are from when Lindsey was about 4 months old - May 2006. There are quite a few from the weekend when Noah was born last May. He is so cute and has grown into such a cute little toddling boy - I love him so much!


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Recent & Reminiscing

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