Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend Events

Hello to all! I hope each of you had a wonderful, long, enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend! Saturday, Kimberly Easley graduated from Gods Bible School and College with a double degree. Congratulations, Kim, we are proud of you! We wish you great success. We did not go to the graduation, but we did go down to Kevin and Rachel Easley's house around 2 p.m. for a barbecue (party). We were able to spend some fun time with quite a few of our relatives on Jonathan's side of the family. After we left their house, Ralph, Belinda, Lizzi, & Noah Burke went with us down to Newport on the Levee. We had a great time. We first walked across the Purple People Bridge, walked along the river on Serpentine Wall and all the way back to Newport. While on Serpentine Wall there was a group of about 20 or more kids all dressed up for prom evening and they wanted their picture taken in a group. They asked us and I obliged. It was fun and really neat to get to do that. Jonathan took a picture from the top so I don't have a good picture of the group. I took pictures with 11 cameras. After getting back over to Newport we went to eat at Clauddaugh's and had awesome fish and chips. I do believe they have the very best. We ate there twice last year on Memorial Day weekend and once last September. We like to eat outside on the deck and look out over the river at the beautiful skyline as the sun sets. We ended up not leaving down there until 11 p.m. and then the Burke's still had to travel 2 hours home. Thanks for the great time guys. We love you all and had an awesome time getting to be with you. We'll have to get together again real soon and have some more fun! Lindsey started coughing really bad Saturday night real late so we ended up not going to church Sunday morning in hopes that Lindsey would get some quality sleep instead of having to wake her up for church. She still has her cough, but I am hoping that it isn't anything too major. She started a runny nose 1 1/2 weeks ago and started the cough in just the last few days. She is cutting her 1 year molars, so maybe that's what it is. We went to GBS camp meeting Sunday night for church. Lindsey was in rare form and not in a good mood at all. She maxed out her mommy's patience really quick and I can say that just never happens. We ended up not staying in church very long and just letting her run around outside. We went back over to Kevin and Rachel's after church and stayed for a couple of hours and had a fun time visiting and eating a snack. Lindsey slept the whole time we were there (thank goodness). I was able to let my blood pressure drop back down :). Monday we did almost NOTHING. We had a completely relaxing day. Brian, Janella, and kids came down and we grilled out here at the house. We started out playing croquet in the backyard around 4 p.m. After a few games the guys moved it to across the street in a big flat field and made it game regulation size. They ended up playing till 9 p.m. Lindsey took a long nap (2 1/2 hours) and I took a shorter one (1 1/2 hours). After the croquet games we came inside and had strawberries and ice cream to wrap up the FUN and RELAXING day. Mom did a great job of preparing the food and making it a very un-stressful day - thanks! Today it was catch up on sleep day and back to trying to finish the landscaping in Mom and Dad's front yard. I have planted a bunch more flowers and am almost done. I have just a few more to plant and then the mulching to do. I will post pictures when I am done. While we were outside Lindsey played in the water for just a few minutes, but I didn't keep her in those wet clothes very long because of her being sick. I hope all of you have a great rest of the week. Hope you enjoy all the pics. I am posting two different links of pictures below. One from this Memorial Day Weekend (2007) and one from last year Memorial Day Weekend (2006).

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Memorial Day Weekend 2007

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Memorial Day Weekend 2006

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Janella said...

Lindsey looks so grown up in some of these! I like the lawn mower picture!