Friday, May 18, 2007

New Van

Wow, what a week. It has been very busy. In some ways it was a really long week and in others it was really short. I shopped extensively the beginning of this week online. I was doing all the main research and phone dealing because of Jonathan's odd work hours. We left 7 p.m. Tuesday evening for Nathan and Myranda Weavers, in Massillon, OH. We arrived to their new beautiful home a little after 10 p.m. We stayed up talking for a couple of hours till a little after midnight. Then we got up early on Wednesday morning so that the kids could spend a few hours playing together before we had to leave to go pick up the van. We left their house just before 1 p.m. On the way to go pick up the van we found out there was some work that needed to be done to the van. It made me very ill to think we had driven all that way and then it might not work out. God knew what he was doing all along and I am thankful that we have him looking out for our best interest. They ended up fixing the problem at no charge to us, which was a really big deal. The problem it had is very common on those vans and now we don't have to worry about it happening in a few months and having to worry about the money coming out of our pocket book. Because of us having travelled so far to get it they made the dealing very easy and there were no hassles. They came back to the office and told us it would be ready by 6 p.m. at no extra charge. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. God knew that if we had known about the problem before we left home that we wouldn't have ended up with that van because of the cost to fix it. We purchased the van in Medina, OH, which is about 3 hours away. It is a 1999 Chevrolet Venture. It is exactly what we wanted. We wanted and got the leather interior, the extended version to give us more luggage room behind the rear seat, captain/quad seats for easy access to the rear bench, cd player, power sliding door on passenger rear side, etc. etc. :) While we were waiting for the repairs to be done we drove 35 minutes to Cleveland, OH to let Lindsey see Lake Erie and for us to eat at a nice seafood restaurant. Lindsey loved getting to see the seagulls. We did end up finding a really nice restaurant and with some neat history behind it. It has been there for 70 years. I had Atlantic cod and it was scrumptious. That was a neat little detour to our trip and made it a little more fun and eventful. Even though the van is far from new it is in excellent condition and I have to be the happiest van owner in Cincinnati right now. Now I have a van, which I have wanted ever since Lindsey was born :). We are making our first trip in it this weekend. We are going to Jonathan's parents for Noah's 1 year birthday party. I have posted just a few pics of the exterior for all of you who are wondering why I haven't already posted pics. Sorry for the delay.

Click on the picture below for more pictures.

Exterior of new van
Our trip to get our van


Brenda said...

Love your new van! It looks really nice.

Sankey Family said...

Wow - that's awesome. Hey, this van looks familiar...smiles...
I'm so happy for you guys and that's neat that you got to see Nathan and Myranda. I know they had a good time, too.

~ Melodie

Nancy said...

I love your new van. I'm wondering how you all found it so far away...or did you have help? You;ll love the leather with a toddler....I don;t knot HOW many times I've wiped up a spill and been SOOO thankful for leather!!!