Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy 1 month Birthday to my New BLOG!!

Well, I have now been blogging for 1 month, as of today.

I Love to hear from all of you!
I Love to get COMMENTS!

Thanks to the following list of my first month of commentors.

Aimee S., Amy M., Betty J., Brenda H., Carrie C., Dorcas B.,
Ella Ruth G. (Aunt Ruthie), Karen W., Kristina W., Linda S.,
Martha C., Martha C., Martha G., Melodie S., Michelle J.,
Myranda W., Nancy L.

Keep them coming and I hope more of you will join the crowd of commenting!

For those of you who do not know how to comment here are the basic starting instructions. At the end of each of my posts it says --- the date - the time - # of comments. Click on the # of comments and it will open up a link / box and that is where you can add a comment to my blog. Hope this helps for those of you who did not know how to previously.

I have attached a few pictures as well. When we had Lindsey's Birthday Party on 1/20/07 she would not touch her cake so I tried it 2 days later on her actual birthday 1/22/07, but she still really didn't want to, but I have attached the pictures of what she would do. I guess we'll shoot for next year and maybe she'll be a little more interested. I have also attached a couple of pics of her that I took during her nap today. I thought it was cute how she had her hands up under her head. I also love this little night gown.

Click on the picture below for more pictures.

See ya - until next posting :)


Anonymous said...

Miss Ashley sleeps with her hands behind her head too. The girls were up before I was this morning. Grr. The good thing is they will be taking a nap.

PJ &K said...

Lindsey is getting so big!! Her little nighty is really cute! Keep the pictures coming!!

Trisha said...

Lindsey is so adorable..I love her smile...I haven't seen you all in such a long time..Anyways I will try to keep in touch with you..