Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update re: Dad's dr's appointment

Dad went for a follow up visit Tuesday regarding his shoulder. Now, for the details. As we already knew before, if anything goes wrong the ONLY other option is complete shoulder replacement because then you have no need for the rotator cuff muscles. That being said, the doctor said that he thinks Dad is still ok. There might have been some tearing, but that is to be somewhat expected and you just don't want a total tear. He also said that there is still healing going on and to just keep taking it careful and don't be lifting any feed sacks :). So all is still ok and Dad said it definitely felt better than it did on Monday.

Tonight was our first night of revival with Rev. James Plank. We had a good crowd and the service was great or at least as much as I could tell because Lindsey had the sqirming busy bug inside of her. I kept busy the whole time entertaining her and trying to not have to take her out, but in the end I still had to.

Bye for now...

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Myranda said...

I'm so gald to hear that your dad seems to be well. I was worried when you said that it was hurting! Thanks for the update!

We started revival last night as well. However, I am very sick and I am starting to wonder if I will get to any of it at all.

It is hard with kids! It is better now, but when they were all younger.....8-(