Monday, February 12, 2007

On the road to recovery - - -

Well, some of us are getting better, but some quicker than others :)

Mom, of course, still has a long road to hoe, but she is improving. Thankfully she hasn't caught any of the other sicknesses in the house (so far - cross my fingers). She's still having some bad pain, but it's all to be expected. She will be starting therapy this week, so please pray for her when you think about it. {she HATES therapy} And she had 40 therapy sessions last year alone for her arm and none of it helped and now she's to hopefully the final stages.

Dad got sick on Thursday and started improving by Saturday evening, but not really feeling real good until Sunday evening. He had the flu achey bug.

Jonathan has improved greatly after getting his increased meds from the doctor on Friday. He is going to go to work Monday. I don't think it will be an easy day, but he really doesn't have much of a choice, if he's able to go at all, since the other guy has to be gone all day. Hopefully it's not too exausting for him.

Me, well I havn't gotten anything so far. I did have a bad chest cough and it's gone for the most part - I did have a little bit of a head cold from sleeping under the ceiling fan, but that's basically gone - and I thought I was getting the flu bug on Saturday, but I guess I fought it off to, because I am feeling ok now.

Lindsey, she's still hanging in there like a trooper and doing great :).

Goodbye - until next time!


Anonymous said...

Just checking to see if this gets to you this time.

Aunt Ruthie

Leanna P. said...

Hi, - Thanks for the comment - Luv ya!